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FAQ: What is the DJ added value ?


Find out about rental prices from specialist stores, such as Audio Source in Lausanne. For 2 columns, with cables and mixer, you should expect to pay chf 200 per day. You'll need to find the time to pick them up, load them, bring them in, assemble and disassemble them, and find the time to bring them back the next day / or on Monday.

So it's not just the cost of renting, it's your time and availability that you'll have to reckon with.


If you're going to play Spotify playlists for a meal, that's fine.

On the other hand, to set the mood, get the guests dancing or even singing, you need to change the type of music, make short transitions by playing with the equalizer, extend the bars to fall right on the end of the phrase and switch to the next banger.

Spotify doesn't allow for pre-listening, synchronized cross-fades; streaming compression results in a sound that lacks dynamics and punch, whatever the sound level.

Mastering a professional DJ software is a key to a successful evening.  A library of >2000 titles is necessary to please everyone.

The DJ offers you a real service. He offers you his equipment adapted to your needs, his catalog of music in a generally uncompressed quality format, his know-how, and... his listening skills.


To dance, most people need some darkness, a certain intimacy. Lights that change according to the rhythm of the music can help you relax. Actually Lights are essential for making people dancing.

As with the sound system, you can rent lights from a specialized store, but you'll have to make do with automatic patterns that can be boring; programming can quickly become complex.

They're relatively expensive to buy, take up a lot of space in transit, are fragile, need regular replacement, and take a long time to set up, wire and test.

In the last section, you'll find a list of the equipment I make available to you.

The lighting is synchronized by pro software and gives different effects for each grateful verse and chorus, which offers a much better experience than with rental lights with fixed patterns reacting on the rhythm. 


Aside from the equipment, mastery of the turntables and knowledge of the tracks that appeal, the dj's experience is there to find solutions. A detail that wasn't communicated, a cable, a Beamer to sound, a file to play over a given instrumental: every evening has its own little problem that the dj can solve without you even noticing.


Depending on the event, the budget allocated to the DJ is not the same. Bear in mind that if the DJ budget per guest exceeds that of the meal per guest, you'll have to reconsider your budget.

dance (2).png

DJ Wedding: A wedding requires meticulous preparation and costs on average between CHF 30,000.- to 50,000.-. A wedding dj between 1200.- and 3000.- depending on the equipment brought, decorative elements, the number of hours requested, whether a presence at the ceremony is required, its notoriety, etc.

garland (1).png

DJ Birthday: For a birthday, there are fewer preparations and solicitations than for a wedding. The dj can set up at the very beginning of the evening - the time invested is less. For the lights, there are fewer requirements than for a wedding. For the budget of a birthday dj, it is necessary to count between 600.- and 1500.-


Corporate DJ: Hiring an experienced DJ for the club dinner or the end of the year party is always a good idea. During an event, the music plays the unifying role: the management, the employees, several generations – everyone must find their account.

Often, a committee frames the evening with a theme and guidelines that must be followed by the service provider. The sound system and the lights must be sized according to the volume of the room and adapted to the theme.

Like a youth evening, it is rather the organization that proposes a budget range for its evening and requests an adequate offer from the service provider.

Music Concert


Your event is unique and the appropriate equipment setup is required. The type of event, the number of guests and the size of the room are key information. 

Number of guests will decide the sizing of the sound system. Over 60 guests, a sub bass is needed to support overall sound balance. The sizing of light effects will more depend on your event.

After having explained your project, a quote can be established quickly. ​ I'm based in Lausanne area - please note that budget must also take into account travel expense and presence time before the event.

no sub
with sub
with sub
0-3 fx
5-8 fx
10 -14 fx





  • Pioneer XDJ-XZ / Serato 3

  • Active Speakers

    • 2x Yamaha DBR12 - 1000W

    • 1x Sub Yamaha Dx1 - 1000W

  • Wireless microphone

  • Soundcraft notepad mini


  • 2x TBar, Bridge

  • 2x Cameo Root Par6​

  • 2x Stairville CLB4 bar

  • ADJ Starbust

  • ADJ Canon UV COB 100W 

  • 2x Cameo Nanobeam

  • 2x Cameo Nanospot

  • Chauvet Obsession

  • 2x Chauvet Kinta Fx

  • Twin Effect Laser

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